Google Photos Update

Google has announced to stop the facility of unlimited storage of photos and videos on Google Photos with effect from 1st June 2021. While we are well aware of Google’s trend to keep updating its software and platforms in terms of analytics, SEO Algorithms but this time, Google has thrown a major update on its Google Photos feature which is connected directly to Google Drive. 

Earlier, a user could save unlimited photos and videos on Google Photos without compromising the 15GB Free Storage offered by Google with a Gmail Id respectively. However, limiting the photo and video storage quality to a size of 16MB or a video of 1080pHD, otherwise, compressing the oiginal media to follow these specifications to fit in the free unlimited storage settings on Google Photos, offered by Google. 

People around the world used this feature widely, as it has many advantages, below are a few: –

1. Direct access to thousands of personal/professional photos of a user easily from a mobile, tab, or laptop with just one click.

2. No storage space consumption to store thousands of personal and professional photos in the mobile, tab, or a laptop or storage device like Portable Hardisk.

3. Easily create Albums according to one’s preference.

4. Easy sorting of images based on date, month, or year.

5. Easy Photo Upload with just turning “Sync On” in the App and easy image download options.

6. “Visual Search” – Images can be searched by the places, people or things without tagging any of it.

Few Questions might occur related to this new Google Update.

Q1. Is Google Completely banning Google Photos?
Ans. No, it is only capping the 15GB to store high-quality photos and videos.

Q2. Can we buy Google Storage to store more media?
Ans. Yes. As of today, in India, 100GB Storage @Rs1300/year or @Rs130/month. In the US, 100GB Storage @$1.99/per month. 

Q3. Will my old photos get deleted after 1st June?
Ans. Photos backed up before 1st June and already compressed to High Quality or Express Quality won’t count in 15GB Google Drive storage, however, they will start counting after 1st June 2021. Also, photos backed up in original quality will continue to count in 15GB Free Google Account storage or whatever your Google Account Storage you have.

Q4. Is any device exempted from Google Photos capping?
Ans. Yes, Google’s own Pixel 5 or earlier devices are free to use this Unlimited Storage at Google Photos feature.