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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a vital role in the Digital Marketing Industry. To begin SEO for any website, whether it be a Blog, E-commerce or a simple static Business Website, following are the few points or SEO techniques every Digital Marketer or a person practicing SEO should consider. While, when we talk about SEO checklist for Digital Marketers, it is long and difficult to practice everything, these points are must for SEO beginners : –

  1. Keyword research – In-depth keyword research is necessary to find keywords used for searching in Google, in order to revolve the content around it and help the site rank on Search Engines fast.
  2. Unique and plagiarism free content – Content quality is the key to crack any SEO strategy as of now. Make your content relevant to keywords and search queries.
  3. Meta tags – Text snippets that describe the content of the page, visible in the page source code which helps Search Engine crawlers to identify the page content.
  4. Title, description, key phrase – Keyword rich to the point content to help users to understand exactly what the content is about.
  5. Updated XML Sitemap and “robots.txt” file – Sitemaps help google crawler easily identify website URL. If your website is built on CMS like WordPress, Drupal, etc, they offer certain plugins which update the sitemaps automatically whereas for other languages, you need to manually update the sitemap or develop a code to make it happen automatically.
  6. SEO friendly website URLs and permalinks – Short and keyword-rich SEO friendly URLs improve ranking.
  7. Optimize the images – Use correct names and Alt text in images. Alternative text added as HTML attribute to images to help search engines know what is the image is about.
  8. Browser and device friendly website – Around 80% of the traffic comes from Mobile device, therefore it is important to develop mobile-friendly start and fast loading pages to increase website visibility and reach.
  9. Website Speed – Slow-loading websites are a big NO. Avoid blocking scripts in code, Rendered CSS & JS scripts sometimes block certain pieces of code, takes time to fetch, or turn out to be incompatible with other devices or browsers. Thus, making Google or other search engine crawlers difficult to find relevant content on the website. Avoid overlapping design blocks or elements too close together.
  10. Tracking website performance – Link your website/domain to Google Search Console & Analytics for tracking the performance, measuring goals and conversions, and optimizing content for better performance.


Be consistent with your SEO work, don’t lose hope and just keep practicing and uploading new and fresh knowledgeable content regularly. Develop strong backlinks, complete SEO checklist of on page optimization and Off page optimization and results will start showing up.

SEO is an ongoing and a slow process but the results are organic, lasting worldwide and not limited to budget. As long as your content seem relevant to the specific keyword queries and search engine crawler’s, it will maintain its position.

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