How to Fix BreadCrumb Error?

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How to Solve BreadCrumb Issue or Error: missing field item? “2 items detected: Some are invalid Invalid items are not eligible for Google Search’s rich results” Unamed Item type  Breadcrumb List Are you facing BreadCrumb issue in your WordPress Website? To check whether your website has url’s with BreadCrumb issue, […]

Deceptive Site Ahead

Fixing Deceptive Site Ahead Error

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If your website URL lands you onto the “Deceptive Site Error” Warning page, that means the browser considers your domain as Dangerous i.e. visiting your site can lead to downloading malicious software in your system. Rendered by Google, this warning indicates that the URL you are trying to visit might […]

Make Changes in Header & Footer in WordPress Website

Steps to make changes in Header & Footer in WordPress Website

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Remember/Caution, only if you are aware of the basics of coding, I would recommend you to make changes in the important files of your WordPress website directory. This method is limited to Websites setup on WordPress Platform. In order to add code to the Header & Footer for various purposes […]