Facebook Workplace

Facebook Workplace, is a platform setup by facebook for a Business Orgnization to connect and work together through that medium. It comes with a lot of features in order to organize the team on the basis of work and job roles as well, just like a Mini Facebook limited only to a organization and its people. Here are few:

  1. Groups – One can create different groups based on the job role, work type etc, upcoming event, project and have discussions with the team collectively on it. It is just like any other Facebook Group, instead people from your organization only can be a part of it.
  2. Directory – This is where one can add all the contacts of the Organization just like a phone directory. You can also form Teams of employees in Directory for better understanding of departments.
  3. Events – To create any upcoming event and have registeration and participation within the organization.
  4. Form Collections of your saved data for future reference
  5. Integrations – Integrate your facebook Workplace with other business management softwares like Trello, GoogleDrive, SmartBox, Quip etc.
Facebook Workplace

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