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Well, the most important factor in planning your Career, according to me, is SELF-GROWTH

“Set your goals


What’s your yearly goal? Then, what should be your monthly goal?

Targets for each week to achieve that monthly goal “

Follow this and you will surely be a step closer to achieving your Goal along with Self-Growth and Satisfaction.

Let us first know if you are a Service class person or a Business Class individual.

Service Class? Okay, here’s what I have for you.

Well, thinking from a job perspective, commitment towards your company comes first. At the same time, personal growth is another BIG concern.

Definitely, a versatile person with more skills and excellence is selected in an interview as when compared to a person with limited skill set. But at the same time, adding skills without excellence wouldn’t lead you far and is a big NO NO. Just increasing the length of your resume or CV with multiple skills without any experience of the same won’t be beneficial. However a few skills with hands on experience, is the KEY.

Being dedicated towards your company, it is also important to work on your self-growth.

(which will again help in benefitting your company with your inputs)


Just think! What if you are perfect in a particular skill and get selected for it and working for over 10 years on the same while you miss on the latest advancements in your field that may include languages which are better and make your work easier? How bad would it be that you are unaware of them? Feeling odd? What you have gained in the last 10 years, your junior might gain in just 4?

Since in this tech savvy world, advancement in technology is growing vertically. One needs to update himself/herself with the growing technology, else you might see your juniors at a higher post/designation and salary in few years of your working and that will be because you lack skills. Be keen in serving your company with the best possible solutions at all times, with latest and fast technologies. Stay up to date with upcoming technologies and know their pros and cons.

I hope a small thought over this leads you towards your Goals & Success.

Business Class? Running a start-up or a well settled business in order to grow, here’s what I have for you.

Well, to increase your overall business growth, it is important for you to grow personally and that is how you raise your business too.

Focus on your “5-year plan” and the steps you need to follow to achieve it in the prescribed time.

What should you do to achieve it?


At the end of the day, think “What work did I do today”, and if you have the answer, GREAT, it’s time to analyse whether it is leading to your goal or not.

But what if it takes you 5 minutes to think and know that you haven’t really worked on your job well, instead you were so busy managing others such that your input as an individual was close to zero. Not so happy? Are you satisfied?

Think about your input as an individual. Your personal growth is important to achieve your business goals and elevate it. What is the point of just managing while you can’t give inputs to your own business? Adding new vertices or innovating a bit more works only when you have the capacity to absorb it into your business.

It’s time to first organize your business structure in such a manner that involves 20% of your management skills and 80% of your work power to achieve the goals.

“It’s only your learnings that can increase your business exponentially”

Stay updated with the latest technologies, methods and services that your competitors may already be offering to their clients or customers. Also analyse, to provide the best services to your clients. Take time, invest in research and development to come out with the best possible solutions and services for your customers and see yourself achieving your business goals in minimal time.

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