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Most Important 10 Points to Consider for SEO Checklist

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a vital role in the Digital Marketing Industry. To begin SEO for any website, whether it be a Blog, E-commerce or a simple static Business Website, following are the few points or SEO techniques every Digital Marketer or a person practicing SEO should consider. While, […]


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Keyword Phrase Keyphrase, in marketing terms is made up of two words, “Keyword” and “Phrase”, like keywords normally refers to a single word related to your business, Keyphrase refers to a group of words belonging to your business, that could be present in user’s search query. Keyphrase also help in […]


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Keywords An important focus word or phrases related to your business, that best describes your business and is likely to be hit by many.  LSI keywords – Latest Semantic Indexing keywords are related keywords to the seed keyword. Not exactly being the synonyms, these keywords are particularly linked to the […]